Monday, 3 August 2009

Journey To Viberia: Jneiro Jarel

L.A. was full of surprises. One of the best was finding out Jneiro was in town. Discovering his Three Piece Puzzle LP back in 05' was like unearthing a next generation leader of the Native Tongues with a new range of futuristic production sensibilities. A big record indeed! Since then I've kept a track of his various projects such as Dr Who Dat?, Capital Peoples and Shape Of Broad Minds to name a few.
Something major setting Jneiro apart from any producer scene is his added assets of total mic control, multi instrumental abilities and very soulful singing voice. The dude really encapsulates Hip Hop. When people cite Dilla and Madlib as major players in influencing the worldwide Beats scene, Jneiro is that big too.
Catching up with Jneiro in the studio was a great experience; I got to delve into a whole range of subjects including the origins of the name (Supermans dad!!), his multi-sided musical personas, a strong intent to stay independent from any 'scene' and his villainous connections. Big shout to J5 too!

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