Thursday, 27 August 2009

Andres Reyes

Andres is a major reason for my trip to L.A. It was the Beat Generation issue of Shook Magazine (and in particular Andres piece on L.A. Beats), that helped me join the dots between a lot of artists I had previously listened to (from Madlib to Ras G to Take). I already knew there was a lot of collaboration happening in L.A. but it took Andres' article to really open my mind to there being such a thriving community of talented producers in one place.

Andres is an inspired individual intent on sharing his keen ear for innovative future sounds. The classicdrugreferences blog is still the best possible example of a music blog; introducing the world to unique music and its creators (Jay Electronica!!!!!), reliably always one step ahead. 

With Andres on board now at Plug Research records, alongside such forward thinking folks as Andrew Lojero- the label is at the most exciting point in its' distinguished history. Indications of this include the upcoming albums from super producers Shafiq Husayn and Om'Mas Keith of Sa-Ra fame.

In my interview with Andres, we discussed all of the afforementioned projects as well as reflecting on the L.A. movement of Beat music right now and its seemingly limitless potential.
These are very exciting times and Los Angeles is what's happening!

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