Thursday, 27 August 2009


I've been following the online radio station Dublab for years; personal podcast highlights including Terry Callier's acoustic session a few years back, Egon's high school funk mix and Count Bass D's MPC jam session. They have provided such amazing and diverse (and free!) music to the internet since 1999, largely due to the extreme dedication and innovation of co-founder Mark 'Frosty' Mcneill. 

The interior of the Dublab offices are highly reflective of the colourful imaginations behind the company. It was a pleasure to meet Frosty and chat about the Dublab mentality of Future Roots Music (progressive, forward thinking music) and all the innovative past present and future projects they are involved in.

They have an incredible output of music, art and film. We touched upon a few projects; including  Dream Scenes (imaginary concert posters), the Secondhand Sureshots documentary, Up Our Sleeve (record cover art project) and Into Infinity. To find out about these projects in more detail people need to simply visit the website!

Dublab is approaching its tenth anniversary and is as strong as ever. It is so refreshing a presence both online and as part of the L.A. community due to its constant exposure of diverse and brilliant music and art. I can simply state the website is one of the most important music portals on the entire web. This is a sentiment clearly agreed upon by many as Dublab continues to be a non-profit organisation, funded by donations. Quite simply it is there because the people love it so much.

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