Thursday, 27 August 2009


This is the first of a number of overdue updates backtracking the L.A. interviews. I first heard Devon's music on Kenny Fresh's supreme Fresh Selects blog a while back. I instantly engaged with the hazy warmth of his layered keyboard sounds and the off-kilter funk of the drum programming. 

His name has been on heavy rotation in my itunes library, yet before my L.A. trip I knew nothing of the guy. So meeting Devon in my first week at Low End proved to be one of many great surprises. The fact that he only relocated to L.A. from Portland early this summer speaks volumes about the vibrant community of gifted producers present in the area.

Devon's ability to conjure seriously heavy, often- nostalgic beats on a basic backpack setup of ableton live and a midi keyboard demonstrates a raw talent and a producer utilising his tools to the fullest. It is also testament to his finesse on the keys that he crafts such emotive, vintage sounding compositions through the software at his disposal. This natural talent is evidenced in the video interview we conducted where Devon built a track from scratch in 5 minutes. It encompassed all his signature styles of beat creation combined with impressive improvisation. 

Devon also opened my ears to the multi-talented Klipmode crew he is a member of alongside Suzi Analogue, Knowledge and Mindesign. Devon's Thumbtracks recent release is the first official release from the camp yet these guys are bringing some serious heat, believe me!

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