Monday, 3 August 2009

Artdontsleep: Andrew Lojero

Andrew Lojero is one of the main inspirations behind my decision to document L.A. music. Funnily enough a couple of years back I was at a Madlib, J Rocc and Brasilintime show in Dublin where I picked up Lojero's From L.A. With Love compilation album. This was the first release I'd heard that joined the dots between the diverse musical approaches of many L.A. producers, bands and visual artists.
Lojero works under the Artdontsleep title, which he exemplifies to the fullest. Artdontsleep is the name under which he has arranged many one off gigs and jam sessions, as well as the From L.A. With Love release. Alongside this, Lojero also works for Mochilla and Plug Research records. He is a self-described catalyst whose passion for his work and peers is truly infectious. This further strengthened my feeling that something special is happening everyday right now in the city.

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