Monday, 3 August 2009


Dak's recent StandThis EP is my favourite music release in a long while. There is a freeform nature to the beats that depicts a producer with very open ears, unafraid to experiment while still rooted in classic hip hop influences. After meeting Dakim, I found it crazy that this has been his first widely available solo release from around 12 years dedicated to the craft. 
Leaving Records is an exciting home for his music as Matthew David is definitely tuned into Dak's genius and overdue time for major recognition. It is also clear that Dak has embraced his move from Detroit to L.A. and become an influential figure in the community of producers. 
Interviewing Dakim proved to be very enlightening. It is fair to say his music merely indicates at the fascinating personality behind it. I won't get into the details now, I'll wait till the documentary for that. 
During the space of 2 weeks I caught 2 very different live shows of his- the first playing beats off the MPC and SP404 at Low End and the second playing just a keyboard and creating live loops at Echo Curio. Each set was utterly compelling, with Dak equally at home playing for the art gallery crowd as in the club. He maintained a consistently sublime and personal sound whether manipulating samples or creating freeform keyboard compositions. His adeptness at completely switching up his live shows demonstrates a producer unwilling to be constrained by genre or tradition.