Friday, 3 July 2009

Seeing Sounds: B+

Brian 'B+' Cross has to be one of the most talented and prolific music photographers/documentarians at work anywhere. As this is essentially the field which I've begun to explore, meeting him was a big deal. I mean who hears Endtroducing without picturing his iconic photo of THAT record store? The music and imagery are one; this guy sees in samples and drum breaks. The close connection between record addict and photographer was clear to see in his living room. 
We delved into various subject matter including: 
his habit as an archivist of sounds and images, 
various documentary projects (currently promoting 'Transition In Translation' with Will Quantic)
the current beatmaking scene in relation to Shadow Mo'Wax era
The Timeless series and Dilla
and the true independence of Mochilla

Oh, and we didn't even get into his basement photo archive yet... 

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