Friday, 17 July 2009

Kutmah: The Humble Magnificent

DJ, producer and artist Kutmah has long been a major figurehead of the L.A. beat community. The night Sketchbook he curated was a pre-cursor to the Low End scene. Importantly Sketchbook provided an open forum for beatmakers to get their productions out of the bedroom and heard by their peers. Therefore it provided the platform for artists such as Ras G and Dibia$e to establish their now worldwide reputations.
Kutmah's love for the diverse range of L.A. beats can be heard in innovative mixes such as Sacred Geometry, regular DJ sets and his own productions. His beautifully intricate pen drawings have also graced some fine record covers such as Take's Dirty Decibels Of Thomas Two Thousand and Nobody's Mystic Chords Of Memory project. His artistic skills can also be seen in the Dublab Hit And Run T-shirt project and his website.

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