Friday, 17 July 2009

In The Lab With Computer Jay

The craziest live show I've seen since getting to L.A. has undoubtedly been Computer Jay's recent performance at Breaking Atoms. Be it Jay's scratched dialogue with Comp or his live beatmaking on an Atari joypad, this brothers' show is from another planet!! (unintentenional reference to Ras G!) 
If you have yet to witness this beat magic, all I can say is wait for the documentary!
It was so inspiring to catch up with the mad scientist in the lab. The studio was filled with treats, such as a moog customised with Commodore 64 sounds. Jay demonstrated a vast array of styles from the renowned 8-bit funk to his jazz chops on the keys (honed from an early age and 6 years playing live with The Pharcyde).
I truly urge anyone to see Jay live at any opportunity and also check out his single and upcoming music on Ramp Recordings.

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