Friday, 3 July 2009

My Cassettes weigh A Ton: Matthew David

In visiting Matthew David, I took my first venture to the periphery of the L.A. beatmaking culture. In his own words Matthew is 'the kid from the beat scene who's not quite in the beat scene'. To explain, Matthew's background as a hip hop DJ and his appreciation of sampling has led him to bring elements of that sound into loose abstract soundpieces. He samples the world around him on a portable tape recorder. There is a freedom in his analog to digital experimentation (sometimes a couple of times over!) that has inspired the leading beatmakers around including Flying Lotus.
Aside from his own music, Matthew has just started a label; Leaving Records. Their first upcoming release is the StandThis EP from the super-talented producer Dak. His name is extremely highly regarded amongst all the Beatheads out here. True to that, StandThis is truly worthy of the 'insane post-Dilla experimental' tag on the labels' blog! I urge everyone to download the ep from itunes on the 7th (or catch the limited edition cassette!)

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