Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Nobody Studio, Long Beach

Today I metup with Elvin 'Nobody' Estela and his beathead buddy Jacob at his home studio in Long Beach. The place was pretty amazing (as I'd come to hope and expect from his music); from his insane record collection, to a vintage atari beatmaking joy-pad to a brilliant framed B+ photo of Brian Wilson. We delved into Elvin's own sound through discussing his self-proclaimed creation of 'psychadelic music for hip hop kids and hip hop for psychadelic kids'. 
Also we covered wider topics such as the roots of L.A.'s beat scene, Dilla's influence and the inability of the media to categorize the music. Also Elvin got a bit into a few of his beat creations including tracks from "And Everything Else' and the 'Blank Blue' project. 
After the interview we hit up a couple of the local record spots, photos will follow very shortly.

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