Sunday, 21 June 2009

exile turntable lab

I'd been waiting to see Exile's live MPC action since seeing the first of his Youtube videos. The guy is pioneering a new kind of show in bringing the in-vogue hip hop production tool into the live arena. The nature of it is distinctly classic and has an old-school vibe. However seeing the MPC being played completely live at Turntable Lab L.A. felt like witnessing the 6th element of Hip Hop. Groundbreaking stuff! 
The show was promoting Fashawn's new album (with all Exile beats) and featured guest appearances from Planet Asia, Evidence (Dilated Peoples) and Aloe Blacc. All came correct on the mic with Fashawn cutting a commanding presence with a gift for intricate storytelling. Aloe Blacc also sounded ridiculously soulful.
Ex was kind enough to bless me with a short interview after the show. He touched upon the idea of taking his Radio concept (sampling entirely music and dialogue from L.A. radio stations) to India for a forthcoming project. Also he covered subjects from his upbringing playing drums to playing as part of an MPC band with DJ Day. Look out for some nice clips when the documentary surfaces in September!

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